Over 30 years of experience in consulting about
food, cosmetics and medical devices


Dialfarm Srl was founded in 1994 by Dr. Renato Minasi with the aim of offering its clients a complete consulting service in the field of dietary products, food supplements, cosmetics and medical devices.
Thanks to the twenty-year experience of Dr. Minasi in dietetic food and cosmetics fields, which has been gained in multinational companies and services for third parties, Dialfarm srl soon became a touchstone for small, medium, and large companies, both Italian and foreign, not only with regard to consultancy in product formulations and product reviews, but also for a 360° assistance on both Italian and European regulatory issues about the entire food and cosmetic field.

Along with the expansion of the market in the 90’s, Dialfarm evolved according to it and increased its workforce in order to meet the various requirements of its clients, by creating an agile and flexible organizational structure and by establishing firm contacts with the various Ministry of Health offices which are responsible for monitoring and verifying the requirements for the marketing of products.

Based on the great knowledge of  Dr. Minasi on these fields, derivated the idea and the necessity to create an association of category which would protect and group health companies in order to pursue common objectives. On May the 12th, 1999, has been founded Federsalus and Dr. Minasi was appointed as Chairman of the board, whom played this role with absolute passion and dedication, by helping the association growth which is now a touchstone for many companies in both Italian food and health fields. After the end of the fifth mandate, in June 2009, he was appointed Honorary Chairman.

In addition to the consultancy and the regulatory fields, Dialfarm srl, in the person of Dr. Minasi, collaborated and still collaborates with several Italian Universities, by holding lectures on regulatory technical aspects of food products, in Pharmacy degree courses.

All the existing customers of Dialfarm are small, medium and large companies, owning production sites or just business activities, which operate in the pharmacy, herbalists, supermarkets channels or through the multi-level system.